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No more fruit and vegetables all over your counters!  I used to have two medium sized baskets holding my produce, but after every grocery trip, both baskets would be overflowed with produce sitting all over the counters. Who wants that? Now, this problem has a solution! Wake up to an beautiful arrangement of colorful fruits and vegetables, neatly organized, just ready to grab! This functional solution can be all yours!

I absolutely love this amazing air fryer!   Saving up to 80% of calories, no greasy feeling or texture,  but with all of the same amazing crisp of fried foods!  This is a must-have for creating healthy habits for your family. You will have to sacrifice some cabinet space though, this air fryer is huge. I wouldn’t recommend anything smaller than this 5.3 quart basket for a family of 4. It’s definitely worth the sacrifice of kitchen space!

Assessories for easy cleanup:

You can air fry anything-the options are endless!

What we have tried and loved in our Air fryer:

Oatmeal flour fried chicken

Sweet potato fries

Chicken wings

Premade meals for the kids, are nice and crispy in the air fryer. It even is faster than baking (due to no preheating) with less pick up!

Premade things we have tried: Chicken nuggets


Favorite Portion Control Spoons:

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